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Automobile Accident Reporting

Information Concerning Automobile Accidents

The purpose of this form is to help you understand some of the things that happened during the accident and supply you with some information you will need later concerning a traffic accident.

Civil Damages

There are three methods of settling damages from a motor vehicle collision:

  1. The drivers involved make their own decisions as to which driver will be responsible for the damages to the vehicles involved.

  2. Make your reports to your insurance company which holds your liability insurance and let their adjusters come to a decision.

  3. File suits for civil damages in courts of proper jurisdiction.

  4. NOTE: Police officers may testify as witnesses when served with a subpoena from the Court, even if no permanent police accident report was taken.


Citations issued in the course of an accident investigation do not fix the responsibility for civil damages. Police officers do not have the authority to say who is liable in the accident. Citations are issued for traffic violation(s) only. The issuance of a citation to a party does not establish that party's liability. It is left to the officer's discretion whether a citation is issued or not.

Police Reports

Contrary to common belief, not all accidents have a permanent police record made of them. An official written police report is usually taken when the accident involves property damage of $1,000.00 or more, a hit and run, or involves an injury or death. If a report is made, the factors and conditions listed will be the investigator's opinion. If you do not understand what the officer's opinion is based upon, or disagree about information contained within the report, please contact the investigating officer. If this fails to resolve the disagreement, please request to speak with the supervisor over accident investigations.

You or your insurance company may obtain a copy of the accident report at the Bonham Police Department, 301 E. 5th St., Bonham, TX 75418-4002, for a fee of $5.00. This information cannot be obtained by telephone. Photographs, if taken, can also be obtained for an appropriate fee. The police report is usually completed by the next day unless some extenuating circumstances exist. Completed reports will take longer for more serious accidents.

An accident case number will be assigned to your accident investigation and provided to you, whether or not a report is made. Please use this accident number for any further correspondence you may have concerning your accident.

If the law does not require the police officer to make a report, an option may be given to the parties involved in the accident not to have a report made. This decision is made at the scene and must be agreed upon by all parties involved. If no police report is made, it will be up to the parties involved to settle the damages among themselves.


If the vehicles are removed from the accident scene, except as provided by law, there will not be an accident report made by the Bonham Police Department. If you are involved in a hit and run accident do not move your vehicle, call the police to report the accident.

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