Crime Prevention

House Watch Program

In an effort for the community to enjoy their stays away from their homes, whether it be for a vacation or hospitalization, they can do so with a sense of confidence with the implementation of the House Watch Program. This service is provided to the people of Bonham so that no matter how long they are gone their time is more enjoyable and less worrisome as to the security of their homes.

How Do I Get A House Watch Started?

To initiate a house watch all the resident need to do is to call the Bonham Police Department, (903)583-2141, at which time the Communications Officer will ask the resident some questions and it would be helpful to have the following information ready:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Street Address Of Your Residence
  • Date Leaving
  • Date Of Return
  • Any Lights Left On In The Residence And Their Location(s) (We recommend the use of light timers)
  • Any Vehicles Left At The Residence (Make, Model, And Tag No.)
  • Contact Person In Case Of Emergency
  • Where You Can Be Reached At (if possible)
  • Anyone Picking Up The Mail (We recommend that someone pickup the mail and any newspapers so that the criminal element is alerted to you not being at home, due to overflowing mailbox and newspapers laying in the yard.)
  • Will There Be Any Repairmen At The Residence During Your Absence

NOTE: We do request that upon your return home that you notify our Department of your return so that the house watch can be cancelled.

How Does The House Watch Work?

Once you have called the Police Department the Communications Officer fills out a House Watch Card for each patrol unit and sets them out for the on-duty patrol officer to pickup at the beginning of each shift. With the information provided by you the patrol officer will go by your residence at least once a shift at which time the patrol officer will survey the residence to make sure that everything is all right. Once the patrol officer has done that he will mark on the House Watch Card the date, time, and the patrol officer's badge number indicating when the residence was checked. This will continue until our Department is notified by you that you have returned home after which the House Watch Cards are mailed to the homeowner.


  • Houses that are "For Sale" and empty do not qualify for the House Watch Program
  • Rent houses that are empty, between rentals, do not qualify for the House Watch Program
  • In order to have a residence placed on a House Watch, the resident must be absent from the residence for a minimum of two days