Welcome to Bonham PD

Dedicated to the Citizens of Bonham

Our Department's purpose is to maintain a desirable living and working environment for, and to support the lawful lifestyle of the people of Bonham, Texas. This is achieved through public service, information, and enforcement of law. Our purpose is further described in the goal statements below.

Bonham Police Department


The Bonham Police Department has changed the schedule for monthly testing of the city's Emergency Alert System, commonly referred to as "storm sirens".

Storm siren testing will now be performed at
12 pm on the 1st Wednesday of every month.

In the event of bad weather, the testing will be delayed until the following Friday.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019 will be the first test date under the new schedule. Friday, March 8, 2019 will be the back-up date.

Administrative Goals

  • Manage resources to effectively and efficiently accomplish the Department's operational goals in the near and distant future
  • Comply with all applicable legal standards and avoid practices which constitute an unnecessary invitation to suits against the City, the Police Department, or city personnel
  • Manage personnel resources in a professional manner to encourage personnel to develop their talents for the mutual benefit of themselves and the Department
  • Encourage communication and cooperation with other criminal justice agencies

Operational Goals

  • Maintain a positive community opinion of the Department through the professional behavior of personnel
  • Minimize the occurrences of crime through preventive efforts by Department personnel and through the encouragement of involvement by groups and individual citizens
  • Identify, apprehend, and assist in the prosecution of person(s) suspected of committing crimes
  • Recover lost and stolen property, identify owners, and make proper disposition
  • Minimize personal injury and property damage resulting from traffic accidents
  • Protect constitutional rights of all persons
  • Render reasonable assistance to people as the need for assistance is observed or requested

The goals above identify focal areas of the efforts of our Department. These areas are expressed in terms that provide continuing direction rather than final accomplishment. These goal statements are reviewed annually and modified as necessary to adapt to changing conditions and requirements. Only with this flexibility, can the goal statements continue as a guide for the maximum contribution which can be made toward the Department's purpose.