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Bonham, Fannin County, Texas

Information Desk

Choice Moore Unit
Texas Department of Criminal Justice

1700 FM 87 N
Bonham, TX 75418

Unit Profile:

The Choice Moore Unit opened its doors on May 2, 1995, began receiving inmates on May 12, 1995, and was officially dedicated on June 9, 1995. Many people expected great changes with the prison's introduction in the Bonham area, but no one predicted its actual impact. With an annual payroll budget of 5.2 million dollars, the Moore Unit employs over 240 personnel including 151 correctional officers, 17 correctional supervisors, 24 medical personnel, and another 50 employees in various departments such as education and maintenance.

This facility, built on approximately 700 acres was designed to hold 1008 inmates in dormitory style housing. The inmates incarcerated here, all males, are classified as Minimum and Medium custody level.

The local economy has been boosted by the increased need for numerous consumer items plus an increase in area Utility usage. The Choice Moore Unit employees have made a commitment to this region, by volunteering for a variety of community functions.

The inmates contribute locally as well. They have participated in renovating the armory, clearing brush and trees from the radio tower, cleaning the Lake Bonham dam area, landscaping the VA Hospital, as well as, decorating its grounds for Christmas. The inmate community work squad made major repairs to a cemetery long though lost in the small town of Whitewright and have worked on the site of a pocket park in Bonham.

The Unit has planted a wide variety of vegetables on 30 acres of land adjacent to the unit. Thousands of pounds of produce, grown from 10 of those acres, are being donated to the local community food bank.

This facility has not only boosted the economy, but its employees have donated significant time and money to local charity events. Bonham and Fannin County expected changes from a prison unit being in the local area. However, few anticipated how positive an impact, and what good neighbors the Choice Moore Unit would become.


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